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2:00 pm
4122 CSIC Building

Uniqueness of the solution of Vlasov-Maxwell linearized system without a Cauchy datum: the response of a plasma

Prof. Olivier Lafitte, Institut Galilée, University Paris 13


Generally, Vlasov equation and Vlasov-Maxwell equations are considered as kinetic equations and are addressed as Cauchy problems. Though, when one listens to the Physics community, they often describe their results as 'the response' of a plasma, stressing on the uniqueness of a solution without prescribing the Cauchy data.

This is only an apparent contradiction, and in this talk (joint work with Omar Maj, NMPP, IPP, Max Planck Institute Garching) describes the obtention of this response for the linearized Vlasov-Maxwell equations around a Maxwellian-type density function using distribution theory.




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Fall 2019