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2:00 pm
4122 CSIC Building

Boltzmann-type collision operators for Bogoliubov excitations of Bose-Einstein condensates

Prof. Minh Binh Tran, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University


Starting from the Bogoliubov diagonalization for the Hamiltonian of a weakly interacting Bose gas under the presence of a Bose-Enstein Condensate (BEC), we formally derive the kinetic equation for the Bogoliubov excitations. Without dropping any of the commutators, we find three collisional processes. One of them describes the 1 ↔ 2 interactions between the condensate and the excited atoms. The other two describe the 2 ↔ 2 and 1 ↔ 3 interactions between the excited atoms themselves. This is joint work with Yves Pomeau (ENS Paris).


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Spring 2020