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Probing Electron Transport with Light: A Flavor of Edge States in 2D Materials

Prof. Dionisios Margetis, Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland


Recent studies in the properties of atomically thin materials have offered valuable insights into aspects of  2D electron transport. In many nanophotonics applications, 2D materials such as doped graphene behave as Ohmic conductors and allow for the excitation of fine-scale electromagnetic waves. These surface waves are tightly confined to the 2D material and can beat the optical diffraction limit. In another kinetic regime of interest, 2D electron systems exhibit a behavior similar to that of classical fluids. These findings point to the need for predictions that may guide future experiments. A goal is to understand how distinct kinetic regimes of 2D electron systems can be reasonably probed by electromagnetic signals. 

In this talk, I will discuss recent theoretical progress in describing the existence of edge modes in flat anisotropic conducting sheets. Some emphasis will be placed on an emergent topological concept for such modes. If time permits, I will also discuss recent results on the excitation of bulk modes by antennas over viscous 2D electron systems.

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Spring 2021