Contact Info
Office: 2106 Kirwan Hall
Phone: 301-405-5455
Dionisios Margetis
Professor of Mathematics
Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling
Institute for Physical Science and Technology
Maryland NanoCenter

Research interests: Analytical methods in PDEs, e.g., asymptotics and perturbations. Epitaxial growth, i.e., coupling of atomistic models to PDE theories; electrodynamics/plasmonics and hydrodynamics on anisotropic 2D materials such as black phosphorus and transition metal dichalcogenides; many-body quantum dynamics; quantum computing; scattering in field theories.

My research lies broadly in materials modeling and applied analysis, at the triple point of applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and materials science. My research is motivated by laboratory experiments and primarily explores the connection of continuum-like laws (e.g., PDEs for macroscopic variables) to discrete or microscopic models (e.g., ODE systems or microscopic Hamiltonian dynamics) in classical and quantum settings. Of particular interest are microscale effects that leave their signatures even at large scales.